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Online branding campaign
hanging culture mussels

"The mussel season is open!". That was the key message in this campaign. In itself not unique, as every year the mussel season returns. But when does that mussel season start exactly? If the 'r' is in the month? In July? We can tell you: the hanging culture mussels from the province of Zeeland are already available in May. What? In May? Exactly, a campaign was needed.

Digital campaign focused on the Netherlands and Dutch speaking Belgium;

You like it or you hate it: mussels. That they can be found on the supermarket shelves every year is a fact. After a short knowledge session we were made aware that there are two types of mussels: soil culture and hanging culture mussels. Hanging culture mussels are available throughout the year, in contrast to soil culture mussels. An important reason to put this mussel in the spotlight.

NoBears came up with the campaign message and strategy and set-up the entire online campaign. Facebook, Instagram and Google AdWords were used with the aim to reach as many Dutch and Belgians as possible in a short term. Multiple videos and visuals were created, to guide the consumer through the different stages of the purchase process. With success: the number of visitors to the website increased. The demand was created and people even went in search of the theme 'hanging culture mussels'.

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About Zeker Zeeuws

Zeker Zeeuws is an independent and recognized regional quality mark, which guarantees a product that is genuine form the province o Zeeland. Products come from the land or the sea. For producers, the Zeker Zeeuws quality mark is an extra simulant. The cooperation is committed to representing the interests of all its members such as producers, (large) retail businesses, government agencies, catering establishments and consumers. In addition, they are also committed to the promotion of recognized regional products from the province of Zeeland.

Both the producers and the Zeker Zeeuws label, benefit from the fact that everyone knows that hang culture mussels are just as tasty – if not: tastier – as soil culture mussels that are available from July to April.

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  • Website tracking
  • Facebook advertising
  • Instagram advertising
  • Paid Search advertising
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