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Digital DNA

NoBears is very well-versed in all markets. So whether you're on the hunt for a digital platform with an integrated social media campaign, or just a new app: we find every assignment equally exciting. As an experienced online agency we therefore have all specializations in-house. From fresh new brand identity to smart online marketing strategies: NoBears makes your digital project not only beautiful, but above all effective. Your online ambitions are closer than ever!

A dangerously good mix

We originate from four specializations: concept, design, development and marketing. All separate labels, but working under the same name. And with one common passion: successful online entrepreneurship. With joined forces and innovation drive, we dive into your organization and face the competition.


NoBears is truly a one-stop shop. A full service agency with all the important skills in-house. This gives you access to a complete package that provides in all your digital ambitions. A super strong mix, combined with a rock solid digital approach... your online results have never been so convincing. No matter which skills you choose.

Hunting together

By the way, speaking about approach ... At NoBears, all specialists work closely together within one special team, completely dedicated to your specific online objectives. You are in direct contact with them, making them switch faster and anticipate to your feedback. The result? A dangerously good collaboration with only one common goal: realizing all your digital ambitions. That is what we call co-creation.

Adventurous click

Such intensive cooperation often leads to more. We then, for example, find ourselves in an exciting entrepreneurial adventure with our client - sometimes even partner. Or we just start a new innovative company to challenge ourselves. And often beautiful things come out of that:


  • Oktober 2010: VeilingActies thought-out and built – an online auction platform focussing on B2C sale
  • November 2011: Strategic cooperation with Sanoma Media
  • Maart 2013: sold VeilingActies to TelSell


  • Juli 2014: Take over of EasyRit – an existing application for milage registration
  • Following shortly: completely altered business model and platform rebuild
  • December 2014: EasyRit closes with a revenue increase of 900%


Every successful project starts with a superb idea. And the correct implementation with a well thought-out strategy. In this way you get in the minds of the target group. A healthy portion of entrepreneurship then does the rest. Together we develop an integrated mix of design, technology and smart marketing that is beautiful and works. BAM! The first trophy is in!

Business development
Naming & brand strategy
Creative direction
Technical strategy


Sure. An adventurous campfire asks for beautiful stories. But your brand too! Both in word and image. Without a correct design, no good story. It's all about the right experience. That is why NoBears pays as much attention to the right visual impact as an exciting storyline. With fresh eyes we shape your ideas. And always in the right tone... One that fits with your brand values ​​and the target group. Bullseye!

Web design
Logo & brand design
User experience
Art direction
Motion design


Design without solid backend is like an adventurous Jeep without a motor. It sits nice on your driveway, but you can't go into the wilderness. NoBears ensures that your new design works just as well as it looks. And especially made for growth. With our modular approach we prepare you optimally for your new expanding adventure.

Progressive webapps


What we realize technically must also bring success. Our marketing team is committed to reaching target groups and converting them to success.

Marketing strategy
Paid media campaigns
Social advertising
Conversion optimization

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